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For over 25 years, Bloom Stones London has worked with Natural Stones and composites. With a vast array of materials form around the world, all selected by our team and sent to our warehouse ready to be viewed and selected we are set to offer a unique viewing experience rarely seen in the industry.


London’s finest stone purveyors.
Our team of passionate curators have an eye for the best quality materials with the most fascinating movements available from all over the world.


The vision is to offer an unique, personable experience that allows fabricators, designers and end users alike an opportunity to not only get up close and personal with our materials but to also get honest, accurate advice and information about our materials.

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Come and view our products in person at our Open Gallery Warehouse. We offer a vast selection of Marble, Granite, Quartz and Quartzite.

With our own fleet of trucks, we are able to always meet our customer requirements with and honest service and prompt delivery.


So come and meet us for products and services best suited to your needs, style and budget!


Get inspired by our exclusive collection and discover beauty for your space from our large variety in finishings and sizes.

Technical Data - Quartz

Test ItemsTest Methods Test Results
Apparent density EN 14617-1: 20052350kg/m3
Water absorptionEN 14617-1: 20050.03% – Classification: W4
Flexural strengthEN 14617-2: 2008 40.2MPa – Classification: F4
Slip resistance EN 14231-1: 2003 SRV “dry”: 47 – SRV “wet”: 12
Abrasion resistance EN 14617-4: 2005 23.4mm – Classification: A4
Freeze and thaw resistance EN 14617-5: 2005 Flexural strength loss: -3.5%
Thermal shock resistance EN 14617-6: 2005 Mass loss: 0.03%
Impact resistance EN 14617-9: 2005 Flexural strength loss: -3.7%
Chemical resistance EN 14617-10: 2005 9.06J (thickness: 30.1mm)
Linear thermal expansion coefficient EN 14617-11: 2005 Classification: C4
Dimensional stability EN 14617-12: 2005 16.28 10-6/°C – Classification: A
Mohs hardness EN 101: 19915 5.5

Bloomstone Quartz Specifications

Our engineered quartz slabs consist of 93% quartz and 7% polymer resins and are available in 20mm and 30mm thickness slabs.


We have a rigorous quality control procedure in place which ensures that every slab is inspected before it arrives into our premises and before it is dispatched to any fabricator.

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